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OFW group slams Arroyo over Marilou's final death sentence:
Migrante maintains Arroyo administration guilty of criminal neglect

An alliance of organizations composed of overseas Filipinos and their Families today led a condemnation rally with BAYAN and other groups over the Kuwait Court of Cassations affirmation of a death sentence for Marilou Ranario.

"A great injustice has been committed. Arroyo and her administration are guilty of criminally neglecting these case from the beginning to the end. We hold her personally accountable for whatever fate befalls Marilou. During her visit this morning with the Ranario family, we warn her against using this situation for pogi points," says Connie Bragas-Regalado, Migrante Chairperson during her group's noise barrage with BAYAN this morning at Welcome Rotunda in Quezon City.

President Arroyo is to hold a meeting with Ranario's family this morning in Cebu City.

"We also note that DFA reports of recent RP appeals for clemency were at the minimum misleading and at most, an outright lie. The 'appeal' they refer to was actually made around two years ago, in February 2006. This was before the Court of Appeals upheld Marilou's death sentence in February 2007. After this first appeal, Arroyo, VP Noli de Castro and DFA Sec. Romulo made no other official forms of intervention-even though all knew that the time leading to yesterday's final verdict was a most critical one, " She added.

Migrante also criticized the legal defense given to Marilou,
especially during the early stages of her case.

"Some of the weaknesses identified included the failure to fully present to the lower Court the intense impact of sustained emotional and physical abuse on a person. The prolonged and severe maltreatment of domestic workers may also result in conditions akin to the 'bothered woman's syndrome'," She explained, noting that domestic workers are confined in their employer's home.

The "bothered woman's syndrome" refers to the condition of a person suffering from prolonged maltreatment and domestic violence. It has been used as a legal defense in many countries for women accused of assault or murder by asserting that the woman's action was taken as a form of self-defense.

In response to VP Noli de Castro's travel to Kuwait as Arroyo's emissary, Bragas-Regalado said no less than the President herself should go.

"More than any letter or phone call, President Arroyo's personal appearance before the Kuwait Amir is needed. She has criminally neglected this case long enough. Before all is lost, Arroyo must intervene personally. Besides, we question VP Noli de Castro as an emissary given that he is previous visit was ineffective," said Bragas-Regalado. In March 2006, VP de Castro delivered Arroyo's appeal for clemency to the Amir. In February 2007, The Kuwait Cout of Appeals upheld her death sentence. #

Marilou Ranario Hanging: A Bungled Case from the Very Start

Contrary to Government claims that they have been fully assisting Marilou Ranario since the start. Facts from legal documents of the case and relevant instances following the hearing say otherwise:

1. Denial to access to information - Migrante International and the family of Marilou Ranario has to resort to holding rallies and pickets before the Government decided to give some documents with regards to the case, five (5) days before the Supreme Court Judgement.

2. Highly irregular court proceedings- the judge who heard the appeal of Ranario was the same judge that handed down the capital punishment in the Court of the First Instance.This is highly improper since it will be almost impossible for a judge to overturn his own decision.

3. Weak Legal Defense-The judgement in the Court of the First Instance was handed down without knowing that Marilou Ranario was a victim of constant physical abuse prior to the incident.The defense also failed to present the circumstances that before the confrontation Marilou was inform that she was going to be sold to another employer and was threatened to be harmed if she refuses.

4. Delayed Psychological Examination- Marilou's state of mind was only assessed by a "forensic medicine" a month after the first hearing or six (6) months after the incident. She was admitted at a Psychological Hospital and placed her under observation. This overly delayed procedure was the basis used by the court to say that Marilou was "mentally sane and responsible for her action" when she killed her employer. Therefore a premeditated crime. The state of mind of Marilou on the night in question or even right after the incident was never raised in the Court of the First Instance.

5. Second-rate Legal Assistance - It is only when the case was elevated to the Supreme Court that the Arroyo administration decided to hire so called "expert" lawyers. A clear proof that Marilou Ranario was defended in the Court of the First Instance by a less competent lawyer.

It is in this context that Migrante International says that the
Marilou Ranario's Case was doomed from the very beginning due to the negligence and ineptitude of the Arroyo administration.
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